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Plastic Trackway and Ground Protection

The Products

We stock a full range of products, from pedestrian only walkways through to heavy duty roadways suitable for HGVs and cranes. Every job is different and we therefore discuss your requirements and advise on the most appropriate and cost effective solution. Many construction jobs in the past have traditionally used aluminium trackway. Our plastic trackway can satisfactorily undertake most of the jobs that aluminium would usually handle, but have the following advantages:

  • Very versatile; easy and fast to install.
  • Cost saving over using aluminium trackway.
  • Greatly reduced risk of theft; cut down on security costs.
  • Avoid health and safety issues; gives vehicles a safe and defined access route to sites.

Products stocked include:

Lightweight systems: Rola-Trac and Supa-Trac Lite.

Medium duty systems: TrackMat, EuroMat, Supa-Trac.

Heavy Duty systems: I-Trac and TuffTrak

In addition, plastic trackway will still protect the ground to avoid property, heritage and environmental damage (especially SSSIs, AONBs etc). Many clients now use our trackway as a means to avoid the cost and time of reinstating ground.





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