Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Manoeuvring heavy plant, machinery and cranes across uneven and soft ground poses its own unique challenges, but Cap Trac’s trackway systems ensure even the most unstable of surfaces can be negotiated.

Cap Trac’s versatile products can be laid and connected in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your specific project, and the number and type of vehicles requiring access.

Many of the UK’s largest construction contractors continually use Cap Trac temporary trackway systems, due to our experience and expertise to solve their access requirements.

The primary commercial issue of security that is always a concern with aluminium trackway is entirely eradicated with Cap Trac systems. Manufactured from premium grade plastics, Cap Trac systems are immensely valuable as temporary roadways and nothing else. They have no cash scrap value, unlike other temporary roadway systems.

Applications suitable for Construction Sites

Car Parking
Site Compounds
Crane Access
Pavement & Root Protection
Medium Duty Roadways
Heavy Duty Roadways