I-Trac Composite Heavy Duty Temporary Roadway

I-Trac Composite Heavy Duty Temporary Roadway

I-Trac is a state-of-the-art single component heavy-duty access system that features excellent turf protection and enables vehicular traffic over inhospitable or unsafe ground. I-Trac is a composite interlocking panel system that creates a contiguous surface capable of dealing with all road-going vehicles and extreme static loadings.

I-Trac is the most flexible and highly capable temporary roadway system to be brought to the market place. Being the first non-metal system capable of taking on aluminium competitor’s, I-Trac offers a highly cost competitive alternative to current systems. The primary commercial issue of security that is always a concern with aluminium systems is entirely eradicated with I-Trac. I-Trac is immensely valuable as a temporary roadway and nothing else. It has no cash scrap value, unlike other temporary road systems.

Applications for I-Trac

Crane Access
Site compounds
Heavy Duty Roadways
Car Parking
Pavement and Root Protection
Stadium Flooring

Technical Information

Material: PPCP
Panel Size: 1.2m x 0.92m – 0.8m2 per panel
Panel thickness: 54mm
Panel Weight: 16kg

Operating Conditions

Ambient Temperature range: -60 >+85 deg C
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: Up to 15,000kg per axle (CBR > 3)*
Suitable Surfaces: Turf, Soil, Sand, Paving, concrete, gravel, snow, grass.

Operating Parameters:

– Self draining. Inert and non-conductive
– Resistant to solvents and non-corroding
– Resistant to UV damage and anti-static
– Inter Trac is manually deployed and can be laid in straight runs or pads.


– Panels have a very low theft risk as there is no value other than as a roadway.

*Ground Dependant