Temporary Car Parking and Pedestrian Flooring

Supa-Trac ground covering is a unique product, incredibly durable and flexible. Supa-Trac creates a firm surface for walkways, roadways, pitch covers, temporary buildings and structures. Even Heli-pads and Car parks! Edging ramps give easy vehicle access and eliminate trip hazards. Supa-Trac supports vehicles up to 2.5 tons and static weights far greater. Supa-Trac has been used successfully in over 50 major UK sports stadiums & many more throughout the world.

Supa-Trac has been extensively proven in the domestic, construction, and events industries and is used daily by leading military forces, including the British and US. Supa-Trac was developed with the user in mind, making it one of the most straight forward temporary flooring systems available. The “T-peg” design allows rapid deployment, with the minimum of manpower and no specialist tools.

Applications for Supa-Trac

Car Parking
Marquee Flooring
Stadium Flooring

Technical Information

Material: PPCP
Panel Size: 920mm x 230mm
Panel thickness: 34mm
Panel Weight: 2kgs

Operating Conditions

Ambient Temperature range: -49 – +50 deg C
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: Up to 2,500kg*
Suitable Surfaces: Turf, Soil, Sand, paving, concrete, gravel, snow, grass.

Operating Parameters:

– Self draining. Inert and non-conductive.
– Traction : Anti slip surface.
– Resistant to solvents and non-corroding.
– Resistant to UV damage.
– Manually deployed and can be laid in straight runs or pads.
– Deployment of 40m2 per hour per man.

*Ground dependant. Please seek advise if vehicles are to be used.