TuffTrak and Megamat Heavy Duty Roadway

TuffTrak and MegaMat Heavy Duty Roadway

With it’s unique and innovative design features, TuffTrak and MegaMat are fast becoming the heavy duty temporary road mat of choice for key industries globally.

TuffTrak and MegaMat are also ideal for remotely situated projects in the transmission, renewable energy and oil & gas sectors where the need for costly security is minimised.

TuffTrak and MegaMat offer a variety of connection methods to suit varying ground conditions and applications to create roadways or provide safe and robust platform work pads, oil and gas rigs, crane operating areas and depot storage areas.

Applications for TuffTrak and MegaMat

Crane Access
Site Compounds
Heavy Duty Roadways
Car Parking
Pavement & Root Protection
Stadium Flooring

Technical Information

Material: HDPE
Panel Size: 3.01m x 2.51m
Panel thickness: 38mm
Panel Weight: 295kgs

Operating Conditions

Ambient Temperature range: -30 – +45 deg C
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: Up to 15,000kg per axle (CBR > 3)*
Suitable Surfaces: Turf, Soil, Sand, concrete, gravel, snow, grass.

Operating Parameters:

– Environmental features: Weather proof, water and chemical resistant. HDPE is resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents.
– Traction : Anti slip surface.
– Can be laid in straight runs or pads.
– Resistant to UV damage.
– Non-Conductive – ideal for transmission projects

*Ground Dependant